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Hey boss!


I’m a personal branding coach, and I help young and ambitious millennials LIKE YOU to trade in their dusty 9-5 for the freedom of being their own boss.


In short, I help highly-driven people make bank on SOCIAL MEDIA.




Lets take it back a bit...a couple of years ago.....



I'm working my DREAM JOB, Acting, Modeling & Presenting. My life is such a merry-go-round.


I'm 22 and ticking boxes I'm not supposed to tick for many years. I'm traveling to Paris, and Amsterdam, New York, Malaysia, Cape Town. I'm the PONDS girl, The SPRITE girl, The SPUR girl (yummy). I'm acting in HBO’s HOMELAND, and I'm getting offers for a major HORROR franchise…. 




I'm constantly meeting new and exciting people. People my age...People from everywhere in the world...forward thinking people…..people that swear social media is the business of the future. 

So I look into it closely and I realise.... they are right. Suddenly, my side hustle is more lucrative than my dream job, and I'm hooked!


Now I teach people how to use social media as their


Let me show you how!


Whether you're just getting started or looking to develop a loyal tribe, my DIGITAL KINGS ACADEMY will help you create a profitable brand (from digital media) that long outlasts any social media platform.


Never ghost your followers again!

The ULTIMATE SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT has 3 months worth of content ideas, references and scheduling so that you can post every. sing. day.

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Media into money in the bank.


Here you will find truth bombs, strategies, research and motivation, but most importantly, here you will LEARN and be ENTERTAINED. After all, making bank should be FUN!!

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